Additional information on our service

Q. What time will my luggage be collected in the morning?


A. We start collections from 8am. Please ensure you have left your luggage in your accommodation's dedicated luggage storage area with your Mont Blanc Bags tag clearly visible. We cannot guarantee collection if we can't identify your bag.

Q. What time will my luggage be dropped off in the evening?


A. We aim to deliver all luggage by 5pm. Unfortunately, we can't control traffic conditions and from time to time we may be running a little behind. Our team will let your accommodation know if there is a significant delay.

Q. Why can't you deliver luggage to all accommodation on the Tour du Mont Blanc?


A. We wish we could support all accommodation on the tour, however, we have to be able to guarantee that your luggage will be stored securely after you have left it for collection, as well as after we have delivered it to the accommodation. If the accommodation is unstaffed during the day, or does not have luggage storage facilities, we cannot support it. Additionally, we can only support accommodation with road access.

Q. I placed my order but I didn't receive an order confirmation email, how can I get it resent?


A. Contact us at: with your name and order details and we will resend the email.

Q. My luggage is over the 18kg limit and I can’t lighten my load any more! What can I do?


A. Contact us as soon as possible giving us the weight of your bag and we will try our upmost to accommodate your situation within reason. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

Q. What should I do if I forgot to print out my temporary luggage tags?


A. All is not lost. If you have forgotten to print your luggage tags, we will still collect your luggage if it has the luggage ID attached in some way. You can view your luggage tags and ID from your order confirmation email. Write these on a piece of paper and stick it to the outside of your luggage.

Q. What should I do if my permanent luggage tag has fallen off?


A. Our team check the permanent tags on every collection. If your tag is loose, they will replace it. Just place your tag on top of your luggage before leaving it for collection that morning.

Q. I need to change my tour itinerary, can I do this?


A. Yes of course. Simply open your order confirmation or tour itinerary confirmation email and tap the ‘update schedule’ button at the bottom. Please note this facility is only available up to 3 days prior to your tour starting.


Q. What if I need to make a last minute change to the places I am staying?


A. If you wish to make amendments to your luggage transfer service under 3 days prior to initial collection date or during your tour, you must notify Mont Blanc Bags by emailing us at: Last minute changes will incur a cost of €5 per amendment.

Q. I want to cancel my booking, are there any charges involved?


A. We offer a full refund (minus a 3% bank charge) for all bookings cancelled up to 14 days prior to the first collection date of your luggage. Please contact us at if you need to cancel your order. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.


Q. I have seriously injured myself during my Tour du Mont Blanc and need to cancel half way through, what can I do?


A.  We appreciate that accidents do happen, especially when hiking half way up a mountain! Just notify us immediately and Mont Blanc Bags will endeavour to get your luggage to your previous or next location.


Q. If I'm tired or injured, can I get a lift in your van with my luggage?

A. Our insurance only covers us to transport luggage. As much as we would like to help, we cannot legally transport passengers in our vans.

Q. I have just collected my luggage and it has been damaged since I last had it.


A. We will of course take every care to ensure no damage results from our service. Unfortunately accidents do happen. We recommend that you obtain fully comprehensive insurance in respect of your luggage and its contents. Mont Blanc Bags will only compensate for damage for which it is being held responsible. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

Q. What should I do if my luggage hasn't turned up at my accommodation?


A. First, check your tour itinerary and ensure your luggage is due to be delivered on this stage of your tour and the accommodation is supported. Please wait until after 6pm before enquiring about missing luggage. Our team may have been delayed by traffic or other extenuating circumstances. You can contact us at: and we will update you on the status of the driver. If the luggage transfers for that day have been completed, we will  track down your missing luggage and keep you informed on our progress. Where possible we will try to deliver your luggage that evening.